Free Fall Lifeboats: what maintenance is needed (and the way to get it done) ?

They are saying, A buddy in need of assistance is really a friend indeed. Aboard ships, who will be your real friend who’ll help when you’re in tangible need.

Did I hear, Existence saving equipments ? You’re absolutely correct.

Existence saving equipments would be the only equipments aboard that are for all of us. Would you agree ?

These aren’t there due to any cargo requirement, or any commercial need.

But, we discover a lot of observations on existence saving equipments during exterior inspections.

For instance, according to USCG, detentions because of “rescue boat” was among the 5 best too little 2015.

Is it not a worrying factor ? It is surely.

Why will we have a lot of observations on existence saving equipments ? You will find 3 factors that lead to maintenance issues

Maintenance dirty according to schedule

Person accountable for maintenance unsure what maintenance to complete

Spares / needed stores unavailable

So Lets see what maintenance we have to do on free fall lifeboats to make sure that things are okay.

Lowering dependence on Free fall lifeboat

According to SOLAS we have to lower the disposable fall lifeboat the following

Every 3 several weeks

Every 3 several weeks we are able to lower the lifeboat either by free fall launching or by secondary way of launching. If lowering by free fall, the needed crew have to sit within the boat and launch it from the inside.

Otherwise, we are able to lower the disposable fall lifeboat to water by davit. Crew may then board the lifeboat by embarkation ladder.

Regardless of the way we lower the boat, we have to manoeuver it in water every three several weeks. We have to test the engine and watering during manoeuvring.

Every 6 several weeks

If you’re decreasing the boat every 3 several weeks by free fall means, there’s not one other factor you must do every 180 day. However if you simply had decreased the boat by secondary means for example davit, you have to lower the boat by free fall every 6 several weeks. Or execute simulated launching provided lifeboat has got the provisions for your.

Ok now what will it mean by “simulated launching” from the free fall boat ?

Simulated launching

Simulated launching replaces the advantages of decreasing the lifeboat by free fall method. Whenever we lower the lifeboat by free fall method, we’re testing the discharge mechanism from the lifeboat. Simulated launching does same but without decreasing the lifeboat with free fall.

In simple words, the motorboats which are fitted with simulated launching includes a securing wire. One finish of the wire is linked to boat along with other around the ship structure. Once the boat is guaranteed, this wire is going to be loose without any weight onto it.

One crew will operate the discharge gear from the boat. When the boat releases, after moving slight distance, simulation wire holds the boat. This test will make certain the release mechanism is working.

After simulation test, the boat then have to be decreased with davit and manoevered in water.

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