SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites that will bring in more business

Singapore has seen emergence of a lot of e-commerce websites with online check out processes in place. Usually, these website owners get the SEO done for their online stores to increase business. But what they tend to forget is that their merchandising strategy also affects their website’s SEO. Let’s look at how merchandizing errors can compromise an online store’s SEO and what SEO techniques should be used in such cases.

  1. Inventory Management Issues

Most online stores have live inventory tracking that updates the availability of products on real-time basis on the frontend of the store. However, if the inventory itself is not being managed properly in the backend then it can lead to overbooking of products which means frequent order cancelations and negative reviews. Such negative feedback from the customers can tarnish the image of the brand online. Some irked customers can also bash the brand on social networks. So the first thing you ought to do is ensure that your inventory management is flawless.

  1. Schema Markups

Most online stores will update the availability status of a product in the stock schema markup. The web crawlers of search engines read this stock schema markup. So when a product is constantly showing an out of stock status or unavailable status then it can reflect badly on the SEO. You need to ensure that the stock schema markups are updated on real time basis as soon as the product is available for online purchase.

  1. Reseller Network

It is a good idea to have a network of resellers working with you. But it is possible that these resellers have more web friendly stores. Their SEO may be better than yours. This can lead to more number of customers buying from them rather than you directly. Try to be exclusive for certain select products and promote them using short and long tail keywords.

  1. Page Load Time

One of the most common reasons for higher page load time is the amount of media used on a page and the media’s size. Since online stores have product images and product videos, the media content used per page is very high. If your images are not optimized for web use then they would slow down your website. Ensure that each image is optimized for web use. Also make sure that each image has alt text and tag added for better SEO.