What is a Condensate Pump Used for?

What is called a “condensate pump” is an item that is used to transport and direct the flow of wastewater that has been generated by things like boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning systems.

This type of condensed steam or water vapour departs from such via a steam trap which is then collected in a nearby container. As the levels get higher, the condensate pump then redirects this liquid fluid from the container to an exterior vent or waste location. And there are in some applications, where a condensate pump is used to may move this liquid back into the system to be reused yet again.

Domestic Usage

  • Condensate is made up of steam and vapour by-products, which include both part moisture and part minerals.
  • It is generated during the process of heat exchange, which is commonly seen in both heat pumps and air conditioners.
  • Furnaces and boilers create condensate as all of the steam, which is used in these devices cools down and then returns to a liquid state.
  • Every one of such items produces some type of condensate, and all of them, but the most basic type includes some sort of condensate pump.

Commercial Usage

  • In places such as factories and industrial pump stations, a condensate pump can be used as a part of an energy recovery process.
  • The pump moves wastewater to the boiler for cleansing and reuse.
  • Some arrangements may simply take the heat energy from the condensate, and then reuse this power for heating purposes or manufacturing processes.
  • The water can then be discharged from the building via the normal channels.

Choosing the Right One

  • When selecting a condensate pump, the buyer will have to first choose a pump size that equals the size of the heating or cooling system.
  • The pump will also have to be perfectly suitable for the intended location, and must be perfectly capable of safely discharging condensate based on all manner of area conditions.
  • A number of condensate types might be in need of special pumps that have the capability of being able to deal with things such as minerals and other by-products which are found in condensate.
  • These can include the likes of acidic materials, especially if the pump is put into use with a manufacturing or industrial type of furnace or boiler.

An Integral Feature in the Reuse of Energy

  • On common heating and cooling systems, the condensate pump gathers and expels the condensate to the exterior.
  • Because some condensate happens to contain a number of minerals and combustion by-products, it may be in need of special handling.
  • This is professionally conducted and carried out by experts in such affairs.

The use of a condensate pump as an integral feature of an energy recovery system provides a number of benefits to building management.

It generates a reduction in heating and water charges, and can assist in improving peoples comfort when utilised for heating purposes. This type of energy recovery also helps the environment and wonderfully lowers air and water pollution.