Why do you Need Adequate Lubrication of the Motor

Motors have become an integral aspect of industrial processes. However, with extended usage, the motor has been known to experience wear and tear on a large scale. The result would be motors becoming less efficient and enhance the driving cost of the business. With the repair and maintenance cost occupying a significant share in relation to electric motors, motor rewind specialist, Houghton International looks forward to sharing specific tips to enhance the life of your electric motor.

Need for adequate lubrication

It has been a fact that most businesses may not consider the importance of adequate lubrication of the motor and its intricate parts. The result would be increase in wear and tear along with operational cost. However, with adequate lubrication, be it grease or oil, the rolling and sliding surfaces would be separated in order to minimise friction. The electric motor has been known to entail several smaller and intricate rotating parts. However, you should not under or over lubricate the intricate rotating parts of the motor.

Under lubrication

In event of the motor being under-lubricated, chances of causing friction would be relatively higher. There may not be adequate lubrication for protection of smaller working parts of the motor.

Over lubrication

In event of over lubrication, the shields could become damaged for the grease or oil would lose its lubrication capability. The major reason would be rise in operating temperature caused due to friction.

Need for optima lubrication of motor parts

Therefore, you would be required to make use of adequate lubrication of the motor parts. It would help you in effective and efficient running of the motor. It would help you enhance the life of the motor. However, you should determine the need for lubricating the motor parts along with the quality and grade of lubricant to be used.