Buying Eyelets For Paper And Cardboard Industry – Find More Here!

The extensive use of eyelets in the paper and cardboard industry is well-known. For the uninitiated, eyelets are a kind of fastener, with a hole in the center. Eyelets for paper are usually fixed with the help of a tool, so as to fasten paper, cardboard, fabric or even metal together. Eyelets are extremely functional, and once you have fixed the same, you can use the hole to get the thread or ribbons in, so as to create hanging decorative items and other products. Eyelets come in all kinds of designs and sizes, based on the requirement. Commonly, eyelets for paper are round or square shaped, while the finish is largely a matter of personal choice. Right from patterned designs to shiny eyelets, there are many options.

Materials and size

While eyelets come in different material options, commercial and craft users prefer metal over everything else. Brass is the most common choice for eyelets designed for paper and craft industry, while for those who are working with fabrics, plastic eyelets may work better. Many times, manufacturers do specify the purpose and use of the eyelets based on the design and material, so consider that, as well. Paper eyelets are only to be used for paper and cardboard and not fabrics. As for the size, it depends on the needs of the project. If you need eyelets with a bigger hole, check for that, but these don’t look as aesthetic as the smaller ones, although these are more functional for certain commercial needs. If you need to thread the end product extensively, consider going for eyelids with bigger holes. In terms of durability, brass and steel eyelets last the most and are more useful for designing products such as corsets that need strength.

Quick buying tips

If you want to find more designs and shapes in eyelets, online stores are your best bet. There are companies that can take up custom orders, especially for customers and businesses looking for volume. Take a look online to find the best sellers and contact them directly, so that you can discuss your requirements, or just check what they already have in store. For bulk orders, always get an estimate in advance and check the samples.

The costs depend on the material, size and the manufacturer, but for a big order, it is always possible to get a discount, especially when you are buying the readymade eyelets designed for paper/cardboard work.