Different Types Of Trailers Mainly Used In The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry are always in need of good quality trailers and trucks whether to carry the oil they get and to cool up their employees by keeping cooling trailer.

If you are in trucking business, you will need a fleet of trucks, lubes and lube trailers-well armored with all cutting-edge technology to support any situation in the site. Sometimes small business owners find it difficult to invest on the new trucks. I will suggest them to invest on the old trucks that are remodeled and completely customized to use in any kind of work that the new trucks can do. This will be cost effective and a creative way to survive the tough market competitions.

Here, I am about to discuss on the types of the trailers. Take a look-

Fully Enclosed Trailers

The best part of the enclosed trailers is the complete covering of the lube. Clients prefer to hire such trailers if they are about to transporting far. Oil, lubricants, waste lubricants, gas are usually transported in lube trailers. Such trucks are equipped with gates hoses, a hose tract reel, 5:1 or 3:1 pumps as standard tools in the vehicle. As you are buying remodeled enclosed lube trailers check the filters fitted by the engineers. Electric start- air compressor of a branded company can be an added feature. The accessories that are installed in the vehicle can stay perfectly OK in all weather. So don’t worry if your fleet is travelling through rough weather.

The open trailers

If you are buying the own trailers from a reputed truck refurbishing company they will install the hoses, filtration systems, quick fillers, tank heaters, air compressor systems, dispensing systems, efficient power units, work bench, lift gate, vises, D ring tie downs, shovel and broom storage, side step ladder, tailgate, handles, spare tire mounts etc to make the truck work more efficiently.

Diesel trailers

The diesel lube trailers transport fuel best. Get the finest fleet of well-designed and remodeled fuel lube trailers for a better and prosperous business.

Cooling trailer

You can provide cooling trailers at the oilfields. They’re always in need of similar trucks carrying the cooling devices for helping the workers in the field. As the drilling process is hectic and the workers have to work on extreme heat that often led to cardiac arrests especially strokes. Thus, the companies evolving the oil always look forward to hire or buy cooling trailers.