Industrial Automation – Offers the Best Advantages

There is a steady competitiveness in the demands of the industry for high quality consistent products and also for a competitive price. Thus, addressing this challenge meeting the needs of many industries means there is a need to take into consideration various new designs and the techniques of integrated manufacturing in parallel with automated devices.

The influential and remarkable moves for acquiring the solutions for the challenges are referred to as the Industrial automation. This facilitates in increasing the quality of the product, its reliability and also the rate of production that diminishes the design and production cost by adopting innovative, new and integrated services and technologies.

Industrial Automation, what is it?

Auto and Matos are Greek words meaning self and moving. Automation is one step ahead to mechanization that employs a particular mechanism of machinery facilitating the human operators in performing tasks. A task manually operated is referred to as Mechanization and it is done using powered machinery based on human decisions.

However, industrial automation replaces the involvement of the human with the logical programming use of powerful machineries and commands. Industrial Automation refers to the replacement or machines and computers to human thinking. Automation, the word offers the meaning of a mechanism moving on its own or a self dictating mechanism.

Industrial automation may be defined as the technologies and automatic devices control usage that results in controlling industrial processes and the automatic operation without any vital human intervention. Thus, we acquire superior performance in comparison to manual control. These devices of automation include PCs, PLCs, PACs, etc and the technologies encompass various systems of industrial communication systems.

Advantages of Industrial automation

  • Promotes productivity – Factory automation or process plant or manufacturing automation promotes the production rate through better production control. It helps producing mass quantities by reducing the assembly and ensures great production quality.

  • Provides optimum operation cost – The operation cost reduces as various processes are integrated with automated machineries that the cycle times are minimized. Thus, there is a need for the human labor to reduce. The investment on the employees gets saved due to automation.
  • Improved product quality – With automation the human involvement reduces and the human errors possibility also gets eliminated. The product quality and uniformity is maintained easily with automation by adaptively controlling and the industrial processes monitoring in all stages right from the time of the inception to end of the product. Thus, time and money is saved.