Virtual Offices Are Helping Companies Build Professional Images

All business owners know the importance of presenting a professional, appealing image to current and potential customers. A corporate business image boosts sales and customer interaction while building the overall credibility of your company. A key, forgotten factor that contributes to your professional business image is having an established office address.

Oftentimes, small startups or home businesses do not have large office buildings or suites, primarily due to the cost or size of the company. In addition, when a business is expanding, it can be difficult to transition to a new city without a local presence. So how do businesses overcome this obstacle in building their professional images without buying office space in every major city?

Understanding Virtual Offices

When your company is expanding but does not want to buy physical office space in a new city, it is time to consider purchasing a virtual address. This allows a business to give the impression that they have commercial office space, oftentimes in a desirable area of the new city. For instance, a startup company expands from Melbourne to Sydney and finds that customers are not drawn to a non-local business would be wise to purchase a virtual office.

Usually, the centre which provides virtual offices for purchase will have plan options. A monthly flat rate is often the most cost efficient way to purchase a new virtual office and should be easily customisable. With a range from low use to high use, virtual offices are specifically tapered to your business’ needs. Decide if your company needs both an address and phone or just an address and determine the amount of mail you expect to receive, as this may affect the price.

After purchasing a virtual address in Sydney, companies should begin advertising locally with that address. By adding the new virtual address to their website, the company now has a local presence allowing new customers to quickly trust the new business. However, a virtual address is not the only benefit available for your new local presence. Most providers offer a variety of virtual concepts not limited to an address:

  • Virtual address at a well-known location
  • Meeting room and desk hire
  • Dedicated local phone number answered in your company’s name
  • Virtual assistants or support

Top Three Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

Although there are many reasons for a business to purchase a virtual office package, it is important to know why it is the right choice for your company.

  1. It creates a professional presence and builds trust. Your customers want to support local companies and are more likely to trust a business with an established address.
  2. Oftentimes, you will be able to rent meeting space at your virtual address, not just receive mail. Find a virtual address provider that has rental options for desks and meeting rooms for any possible client meetings in your new location.
  3. Expansion into new cities becomes smoother. A virtual address gives your business a local presence in a new city while also providing a physical location for new clients or partners.

By purchasing a virtual office plan, businesses invest in the long-term goals of the company while building a professional local presence in new territories.