What Are the Advantages of Laminated Glass?

Laminated Glass?

Acting as a perfect alternative to regular glass, laminated glass implements benefits that are found to be much more useful. Many home owners and businesses nowadays turn to laminated glass suppliers such as Express Toughening seeking a way to enhance factors such as security, design and even pollution. Below, we have brought together facts about this particular type of glass to inform you of it’s advantages and why it is so popular.

How is Laminated Glass Made?

Laminated glass is created through the bonding of two plies of glass, using interlayers to create a constant, strong bond between the plies. Because of this, the glass is kept intact even when the glass is actually broken. The glass can be constructed with an array of different specific attributes, with Express Toughening designing laminated glass in varying thicknesses and sizes depending on your particular requirements.

The Advantages

Safety and Security –Due to how laminated glass is constructed, it is near on impossible to break. Because of this, anyone wishing to break through it such as burglars would find it difficult to do so, decreasing the chances of anyone breaking in. Even when initially broken, the glass does not shatter and scatter into the surrounding area. This means that there is less chance of anyone being injured through cuts from the glass.

Designs –With laminated glass comes the chance to be creative with how it is designed. If you work in the likes of an art gallery, you may understandably want the glass to emit a certain tint or colour, which can be done with laminated glass. This means that whether you are happy with your laminated glass being plain or having a bit of an edge to it, the design can be completely bespoke to how you want it to be.

Emission Control –Laminated glass is seen as low emissivity. What does that mean? It means that it lessens the need for emissions from the likes of air conditioning. there is reduced heat from natural sunlight passing through the glass and into whatever room the glass is connected to, ultimately meaning there is little need for air conditioning to keep the room cooler.

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